Beautiful Short Layered Hairstyle 2016

Short Layered Hairstyle - New hairstyles are almost always welcome, particularly in the beginning of a fresh season.

#14 Smooth & {Chic|Stylish|Fashionable}
Written by Cindy Marcus

This smooth, {advanced|superior|complex} and totally chic short {layered|split} cut can be {styled|designed|created} many different ways, but this smoothed version {looks|appears} very contemporary. This style {is great for|is ideal for|is fantastic for} those with an oval face, but it can work on almost any face {form|condition} {with the right|with the obligation} finishing touches by your stylist.
Smooth short and layered bob hairstyle

{Style|Design} by Attitudes A {Salon|Cosmetic salon|Beauty shop}, Toledo, OH
#15 {Flirty|Sexy} {Fun|Entertaining}
Written by Cindy Marcus

{This is|This really is|This is certainly} {a super|a top|a nice} cute, girl-next-door flirty style. The imperfect layers and a little random {curl|snuggle|crimp}, along with added {texture|consistency|structure} and body, make this short haircut more interesting.
A cute short {layered|split} hairstyle

Style by Elon Salon, Marietta, GA

{How|Just how} To Style:

Apply a volumizing mousse while {hair is|curly hair is|locks is} damp.
{Use a|Make use of a} medium-sized round brush to {blow|strike|whack} dry for volume and smoothness.
Don't {flat iron|hair straightener|hair straightening iron} {hair|curly hair|locks} unless you absolutely have to.
Use {a curling|a styling|a straightening} iron to create a soft curl {around the|throughout the|surrounding the} face and sweep the {bangs|fucks|tir} off to one {side|part|aspect}.
Finish with medium {hold|keep|maintain} hairspray.

#16 Naturally {Wavy|Curly}
Written by Cindy Marcus

This soft, romantic and easy {to maintain|to keep|to keep up} layered {haircut|hair cut|new hair-do} uses natural wave and texture {to create a|to make a} beautiful and simple style. {It is a great|This is the} look for more petite {faces|encounters|confronts} and girls who have {a more|a far more|an even more} vintage style.
A short layered hairstyle with natural wavy hair

{Style|Design} by Kathy Adams {Salon|Cosmetic salon|Beauty shop}, Buford, GA

How To Style:

If you've {got|received|acquired} the natural texture and super healthy hair, all you should {need to do|have to do|should do} it apply a little {styling|design|hair styling} cr? me while {hair is|curly hair is|locks is} still damp.
{Finger|Little finger|Ring finger} comb hair into place {and let|and enable} it air {dry|dried out|dry out}.

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